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Each stage of Balinese life is marked by a series of ceremonies and rituals known as Manusa Yadnya. They contribute to the rich, varied and active life the average Balinese leads.

Air Sanih
Located 17 km from Singaraja. It's a serene coast where tourists can plunge in a breezy spring swimming pool. Amenities include lodgings and restaurants.

Alas Kedaton Amlapura
One of the most famous monkey forrest. It's one of the place in Bali where monkeys exist, free and peaceful. These hundreds of monkeys are a real appeal for the tourists.

Amed is a resort town that will bring back the old memory of Kuta. Completed with simple tourist supporting facilities such as Losmen, small hotels and amateur entertainment, Amed is a popular site for snorkeling.

Bangli was the capital city of Gelgel Island dynasty kingdom. The largest and most sanctified temple of the district is Pura Kehen, a mountain haven and state temple of Bangli.

Tourists can enjoy hot spring bathing place with pool in Banjar, which is the northern coast of Bali.

It's a village outside Denpasar and stretching for about 2 km. The attraction of this village is stone-carving shops lining the roadside displaying exquisite work of art.

Batu Karu
Mount Batukaru grants an exceptional shade to the entire district of Tabanan. The gloom of Pura Luhur (Luhur temple) achieves the best scenery.

Located less than an hour from north Bangli. Danau Batur is Bali's largest lake and cribbed with the calderas of an active volcano named Gunung Batur.

Bedugul is the name of both a small city and a mountain-lake resort area, which Balinese have long used for weekend retreats.

Besakih is the most sanctified and influential of the island's countless temples. The temple houses inherited shrines for all Hindu Balinese, who regard Pura Besakih as the apex of holiness.

Located between Blahbatu and Gianyar, Bona is the center for high quality bamboo furniture.


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Bukit Jambul
The spectacular landscape of rice terraces can be enjoyed from Bukit Jambul.

Candi Dasa
As a recognized resort area for over topical decades, Candi Dasa is an entryway to East Bali. Compared to the resorts in southern part of Bali, Candi Dasa is much simpler.

Offering low budget accommodation and few upscale hotels, the main attraction of Candi Dasa is a dazzling landscape of the beach. Blighted by jetties protruding into the water, intended to stop the erosion caused by coral blasting for years.

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